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bluApple ColdPress current release 2.5
Posted: 10/11/2010 at 2:32 PM by Marco Williams
Webview for Weight Watchers is a Portal to the Weight Watchers Mobile Website.  A Weight Watchers Account is Required.

We are not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way. No information entered in this application is saved or sent to any third party system.

All information and functionality is maintained by the weight watchers team.

post here if you have any issues or have any problems with the app.  Please DO NOT post your negative rating because of a possible bug that i may or may not know about.   I am providing 24/7 support for this app and will be happy to fix any bugs that arise. 

If you like this app, please post a good rating for me :)

Added on 11/29/2010
If you are getting the page cannot be displayed error,  then do the following on  your phone.
1.    Tap on  settings --> applications --> manage applications.
2.    Scroll and find Weight Watchers Mobile  ( WebView  )  and Tap on it.
3.    Tap on   “clear cache” button.  Give it a moment to clear the cache.  It will not confirm it.
4.    Run the App again.

If you are unable to login. 
You must first login to E-Tools at :

Follow the instructions for converting saved foods to the new point system.
You may now be able to login via your mobile device.

Release of Version 2.0 - 11/24/2010

The new version of Webview is now available on the android market.  I got lots of feedback from users and their comments and I made a few adjustments to the app.  I hope everyone likes them.  Thank you for the constant feedback and comments.  Each weather it was a negative or positive feedback helped me think of ways to improve.

The follow are features that were added in this release.
1. Added a Menu and is accessible via the "menu" key on your android phone.
2. Menu button, "Quit"  allows you to close the app no matter what screen you are on.  No more hitting the back button 100 times to get out of the application.  yay!  and sorry about that annoyance.. LOL
3. Menu button "Change Orientation"  this feature allows you to change the view from portrait to landscape view and vise versa.  This might even fix some of the issues for phones that have slide out keyboard.  I don't have one of those type of phones.. so please let me know if this helps you at all.
4.  The long waited on feature "ZOOM"  ya!  you can now zoom by pinching the screen .. or zoom out by spreading your fingers.  You all know how it works..  Now the font size won't be such a horrible issue as you can adjust the view to your liking.

Hope you all like the update!

New features to come
Jen,  my lovely G/F and future wife and hopefully bearer of my offspring..  ( TMI I know ) asked for a feature to allow scanning of bar-codes and then have it automatically open the points calculator.  Enter in the info and show the point value for an Item.  I am working really hard to get that feature, so hopefully I'll get that done before the year has ended.  So keep an eye out for an update. ;)

Below you will find the status of any known issues.

11/29/2010 - UPDATE FAILURE. 
If you are getting the message.
"Server Error in '/' Application."
Runtime Error

You must uninstall the app 100% completely.  And then re download and install it from the market.  Doing an upgrade will not fix the issue.  It must be uninstalled and fixed.  One of my upgrade patches was corrupt and I don't know why.  The issue is fixed.  But you must uninstall and reinstall to fix it.

Also note:  that uninstalling directly from the market does not always do the trick.  You must go to settings, applications, manage applications, weight watchers mobile and click uninstall after you have uninstalled from the market place.   If you do not see weight watchers mobile in the list under manage applications that means it was uninstalled successfully from the android market place.

If you need help, you may contact me 714.330.1296, and I will be happy to help anyone though the issue.

I searched the help forum,  and this is a recommended fix for the download issue.
“Fixed it by clearing the Markets cache from Application settings.”

If you do not know how to do this. 
Click on your home button,   click “applications”
Find and click on “settings” icon
Click on “Applications”
Click on “Manage Applications”
Find and click on “Market” ( you might have to scroll down quite a ways, but it is in there)
Click “clear cache”
When you click that button , it does nothing..  But be patient.. Stay on that screen until you see  “Cache ……….   0.00B” right above the button.

Email me if this fix worked for you!

10/11/2010 -  NOTICE TO ALL NEW USERS - The app market is experiencing a bug.  It is currently effecting several different applications, not just the weight watchers app.   If you are stuck "Authorizing"  Cancel your order and try again tomorrow.  I will keep you posted on this post as to when the market is officially fixed.  I have contacted Google about the issue and I have posted for help from them in their forum.  I have not yet gotten a response.

10/11/2010 - New bug reported with  MyTouch slide phones,  bug is that you cannot type or submit on any of the website fields.  Which prevents you from adding your points and managing your account via their mobile site.  No known fix as of yet.

10/09/2010 -  I have received a bug report that the weight watchers app has a bug with the timezone.  I am currently working on a fix.   West Coast Users are the only ones effected by this bug.  If you are on east coast you should be fine.   As soon as I find a fix, i will post an update.  ETA - 3-5 days.

10/08/2010 -  PLEASE READ -  If you find a bug to on the Weight Watchers App, please send me an email at  Please do not lower my rating.  I am working round the clock to improve the app and will continue to provide excellent support for the app.    You can also post your comments on this blog post.


Lisa on 03.22.2014 I am also having the same Network error that Pam is having and also did the same troubleshooting steps.  I also spent over an hour on the phone with WW just to be passed around from person to person - none of which were able to resolve this issue.  I did a Google search on this issue and apparently it is very common and been going on for several months.  However, WW  has yet to fix it.  We would like to use your app on our phones but are unable to.
Pam on 11.22.2013 Are you still assisting with the WW mobile app?  Their customer service is virtually non-existent.  I am getting the following error message: " NETWORK ERROR  There was an error connecting to the server. Please try again later when you have an internet connection."   Pretty cut and dried, right? Not in my world.  haha.  
I have a live internet connection on my phone.  This problem started 10 days ago when we had to set up me up as a new user.  I cleared the cache, deleted the old app, powered down, powered up, re-downloaded the app and when I tried to log in, I received the same message.  I don't know what else to do.   I have tried this several times with no success. 

Any help or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!   



Meghan Harper on 11.04.2013 The app used to work well, but since the update, it's frozen and quit every time I go to track anything. I will type in maybe two letters of what I'm searching, and then the app will freeze and quit. It'll then open up another page for tracking, and then the same thing happens over and over again until I am too frustrated to keep trying anymore. When I uninstall and reinstall, I will tap "agree" on the user agreement, and then I'll get another copy of it, which I have to click "agree" as well. A pop up after that says that the update has encountered a problem, and then it tells me to uninstall/reinstall.

This app is very convenient, so I'd really like to know how to get it working again.


Stacie on 10.07.2013 I love this app. I use if all the time. I've noticed since I downloaded ios7 I can't track my weight on my iPad app. When I try it exits me from the app. Not sure if it's an app issue or Apple issue. For now I go to the website to do it, but if you could look into this I would be greatly appreciative.


Leeja John on 05.17.2013 Great app dude..... Have done a fabulous work. I would love to see some further apps by you......

android mobile application

Gary Esler on 04.08.2013 I keep getting no internet connection message but I know I have a good connection because all other web sites are working find. If I uninstall the app and than reinstall it it works for a bit.
J Harbor on 01.07.2013 Re the username/password not accepted problem.  Continue to login and check "OK" after you get the message about trying to resolve the problem on the website.  This should take you to the default view.  Click the dropdown and "Log in" at the top.  Enter your credentials and press OK.  This worked for me, and hopefully will work for others, as well.

Diane Vance on 12.02.2012

Android app doesnt recognize my login info. Works fine on desktop

Rob on 11.28.2012 the app won't scroll in the points plus tracker
Bo on 11.10.2012 Love the app! But it seems I'm having trouble scrolling down on the tracker to see my evening meals etc. It just wont scroll!
LaTasha on 07.30.2012 When I previously used this app it proved to be a jewel in helping me to track my food and progress. Not sure what has happened recently, but now I am unable to track food that do not already exist in the database with the app or the actual website. The app tells me I have not Internet connection and if I'd like to save unsynced items. The website refers me to customer service which was of no assistance to me. The scanner app tells me "Tracking failed: Failed to track food item" though it locate to items successfully. Reviews on today alone for both apps are horrible. How much longer before there is resolution to these issues?
you suck on 03.23.2012

can't login to e tools


DIane on 01.21.2012



I have recently downloaded your app for web view weight watchers and it keeps telling me that my login details are wrong.  They are the correct details.  I also went onto the link above to do as you suggest and it still needed me to log in and still said that my details are incorrect.  Please Help.

Many Thanks


Neal C. on 11.29.2011 Login issues not recognizing user name & password. I see numerous complaints of the same issue in the android market this month for the mobile app:o(

Dwight on 10.25.2011 Uhhh. Have you looked at the user reviews on the Android Market site? I'd say 12,496,615 login problems (mine included) indicates at least a minor bug.
Rose Marie on 08.08.2011 not able login.
Rose Marie on 08.08.2011 getting error messages. not able to log on.
Angela on 08.08.2011 Nevermind.  Now I see where you have a known problem posted.  I scanned past that because the date was so old on it...  I did not expect it to still be a problem more than 8 months later.  Sorry for not thoroughly reading first.  I have now uninstalled and reinstalled, and it appears to have fixed the problem.
Angela on 08.08.2011

I have loved the WebView ap since March when I purchased it.  Friday night, I started getting this error:

Server Error in '/' Application. 

The resource cannot be found. 

Description: HTTP 404.  The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Request URL: /mobile/login/index.aspx 


Now it is Monday, and I haven't been able to access the WeightWatchers website on my phone for 3 days.  I can still login just fine on a regular computer.  Please help!

et on 07.24.2011 Just tried again and got refund this time. sorry didn't work for me. 


et on 07.24.2011 Just downloaded and paid for this app, but when i opened it, it says that it doesn't support my tablet. However, before i downloaded it, it stated that it did support it. when I uninstalled it, I did not get refund. 
Melody on 06.03.2011 what is the options button for?
i cannot get anything from it

Denise Lau on 05.09.2011

This doesn't seem to connect to the Canadian Weight Watchers Site - Any chance it is just a configuration issue?

Judy on 04.09.2011 I just bought the app, and so far so good. Thanks! My screen opens up with my points plus summary or the tracker. Can I get to the blogs on the WW website from this screen or am I limited to the activity/restaurants/find food?

jen on 01.11.2011 hello, just wondering if i use this app does it incorporate w/ the tracking i do when using a computer?  lets say i use the computer to track all day j then @ night i use your app, will the information i post on this app then show up on the tracker on my computer and vise versa?


Marco G. Williams ( of somethingJava ) on 11.24.2010 No,  this app is a one time charge.  So you should not have any weekly costs associated with this app.   What ever you pay for Weight Watchers site access is completely separate from the download fee for this app. 

betty lou on 11.10.2010 paying for this android app...i have to have an account on the weight watchers site, which means actually i am paying 5$/week.

Am i understanding this correctly?

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